The site that introduces Asahikawa woodworking has been opened.




Welcome to the site that introduces Asahikawa woodworking. 360,000 people help each other to live in snowy Asahikawa, where the temperature frequently drops to –20˚C. Hokkaido, where Asahikawa is located, was pioneered in the modern era. Perhaps because memories of its development remain vivid, Hokkaido residents are proud of their pioneering spirit. Due perhaps to its pioneering history and perhaps due to its severe climate, Asahikawa has drawn in many frank and open artisans, the likes of whom cannot be seen elsewhere in Japan. These artisans have continuously responded to changes in the market and reexamined their craft to meet market needs.


This site provides an introduction to Asahikawa artisans’ products. It covers various brands, factories and studios, which range from those engaged in mass production and employing the latest technologies, to those engaged in medium volume production mixing handicraft and mechanical production, and yet others that are exclusively engaged in handicrafts. We hope that the site will convey the appeal of a wide range of artisans and their products.