Dreamy Person

“Dreamy Person” does not have its own factory, but works with multiple factories depending on the particular processing technology required. Dreamy Person operates a gallery and has played a key role in revitalizing Asahikawa from both a manufacturer and retailer’s perspective.



The kime series was launched in 2010 in collaboration with designer Mikiya Kobayashi from a desire to create utensils for modern lifestyles that brought out the best in the texture (kime) and grain of wood. Most of the items in this series are made of maple, cherry, or walnut. They feature the high precision of industrial products, yet each has a different expression depending on the shape of the grain. They are created by integrating the expertise held by various Asahikawa artisans, who with virtuosic skill craft the items in accordance with the hardness and other features of each type of wood.

kime Shoehorn with Stand

The shoehorn is made very thin so that it is easy to hold. By placing it on its stand, it stays erect and is aesthetically pleasing. It is mechanically carved through a computer-controlled production process and later adjusted by hand by veteran artisans. Many prototypes were built before production began on this model, a culmination of high-precision expertise in making smaller woodworking components, such as handles and knobs.

Design: Mikiya Kobayashi (MIKIYA KOBAYASHI INC.)
Material: Maple, walnut, cherry
Size: Shoehorn: 32 mm (W) × 700 mm (H) × 24 mm (D)
Stand: 120 mm (W) × 28 mm (H) × 120 mm (D)


kime Toothpick Stand

The bottoms of these containers are uneven, making it easer to pull the picks out. The sides of these stands are 2 millimeters thick and the bottoms measure just 1 millimeter, so processing requires very high precision. If any part is off by just a fraction of a millimeter, it cannot be used in a final product. So the toothpick stand requires the cooperation of four separate workshops—the highest number in the kime series—fully utilizing their expertise, to complete these products.

Design: Mikiya Kobayashi (MIKIYA KOBAYASHI INC.)
Material: Maple, walnut, cherry
Size: 34 mm (W) × 58 mm (H) × 34 mm (D)

kime Candle Holder

Lighting a candle gently illuminates the translucent porcelain walls of this holder. This, too, is a collaborative effort—among woodworkers in Asahikawa and porcelain makers in the city of Seta, Aichi Prefecture, who take pains to make sure the ceramic covering fits snugly into its wooden stand. The covering can be removed and the stand used on its own to hold small trinkets.

Design: Mikiya Kobayashi (MIKIYA KOBAYASHI INC.)
Material: Maple + porcelain, walnut + porcelain, cherry + porcelain
Size: 91 mm (Diam) × 51 mm (H)

Product List

Mitsutoshi Tokunaga


Tokunaga established “Dreamy Person” in 1993. Based in Asahikawa, the company develops its own products and distributes and also sells other craft products made in the Asahikawa region. Tokunaga opened the gallery/shop “Craft Brown Box” in 2002. He launched the brand “kime” with designer Mikiya Kobayashi in 2010.

We lovingly create each product in collaboration
with Asahikawa artisans who love and know everything
there is know about wood.




Does not have its own factory

Asahikawa is a region with many woodworking workshops. Dreamy Person is unusual here in that it does not have its own production facility. President Mitsutoshi Tokunaga had never worked as an artisan, so it was only natural for him to collaborate with others in developing an original line of products. There are many shops, both large and small, possessing outstanding handicraft skills in Asahikawa, and by recognizing the specialty of each, he has created teams of the highest-skilled artisans to develop and produce high-precision wood products.


Mikiya Kobayashi

Kobayashi established MIKIYA KOBAYASHI DESIGN (now MIKIYA KOBAYASHI INC.) after graduating from the Department of Industrial, Interior, and Craft Design at Musashino Art University in 2005 and working at an interior design company. In 2010, he released “kime,” a series of products co-developed with Dreamy Person. He works in a variety of fields including furniture, interior, and product design and is involved in projects with various domestic and foreign corporations. Kobayashi is the recipient of numerous prizes including the 2010 German IF Design Gold Award.

Brown Box

“Craft Brown Box,” a gallery/shop opened in Asahioka in 2002 features not only its own products, but also a variety of wooden products from the Asahikawa region. Possessing a producer and retailer’s perspectives, it has a multifaceted understanding Asahikawa woodworking and contributes to the industry’s vitalization.


Dreamy Person was founded in 1993 when President Mitsutoshi Tokunaga met Kunio Sasaki, founder of Sasaki Kogei. Initially, Dreamy Person focused on the distribution and sale of wood products, but it later developed its own line of items, establishing the kime line in 2010 with designer Mikiya Kobayashi. While it does not have its own production facility, this enables the company to team up with various companies with the optimum facilities for each item. It opened an office Asahigaoka in 2002, at which time it also opened a shop and gallery called Craft Brown Box to showcase not only its own products but those of companies throughout Asahikawa. Purchasing a handicraft item at Craft Brown Box gives the feeling that one is taking home a piece of the lifestyle of the people who live and work near the forests of Asahikawa.

Dreamy Person

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