Taisetsu Mokko

By improving productivity through mechanization, Taisetsu Mokko offers its products at lower prices.
The company has reexamined what it means to produce wooden furniture in Asahikawa and began full-fledged implementation of its private brand.



In 2003 Taisetsu Mokko co-developed an original brand called Northern Light with ZIRKUS, a company led by designer Yasukuni Okabe. After a 10-year hiatus, Taisetsu and ZIRKUS launched a new collaborative undertaking named CO•DA•MA. The series leaves irregular lines intact in its chairs, sofas, and cupboards to highlight the natural expression of wood.


Z+ is a launch pad for new creations developed with Yasunori Okabe’s ZIRKUS, eight years following the initial collaboration on Northern Light in 2003. The first line of the Z+ venture is the CO•DA•MA series; the cabinet is a hallmark item in the series, being was the first item to be designed.



The stool was added to the CO•DA•MA series a year after its announcement at the IFFT Interior Lifestyle Living trade fair in 2011. The natural expressions of wood is the central theme of this series, and the motif is utilized in the legs of these stools.

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Masanobu Hasegawa


Born in 1964, Hasegawa joined Taisetsu Mokko after working in computer sales and at a business firm. In 2000, he succeeded his father Shohachiro Hasegawa to become CEO of Taisetsu Mokko. Although he lacks knowledge of woodworking techniques, he is familiar with Taisetsu Mokko, where he worked part-time as a student and traded with while working at a business firm, and it was a natural development for him to succeed as CEO. In response to changes in furniture distribution, Taisetsu Mokko aims to improve in-house creativity and technology and expand its sales channels by establishing private brands and manufacturing for other companies under commission in addition to providing its products to distributors.

Although we process ordinary lumber using ordinary methods,
our staff’s personalities make our products unique.




Yasukuni Okabe

Okabe graduated from the Department of Design, Faculty of Engineering at Chiba University in 1975. In 1987, went independent by establishing Okabe Design Office, which primarily handles planning and design for furniture and other product, as well as stores, store displays, and various exhibitions. In 1990, Okabe founded the design office ZIRKUS, which aims to shape contemporary “people,” “objects,” and “environments.

Taisetsu Mokko produces its own plywood out of sliced veneer.
The factory uses line production with large machines. Multiple processes are carried out simultaneously.
Handwork by artisans is an essential part of every finishing process.

Taisetsu Mokko was founded in 1983 and is unique among Asahikawa’s furniture makers in launching the mechanization of production at an early date. While handcrafted items are of outstanding quality, they also tend to carry high price tags. By raising productivity through mechanization, Taisetsu Mokko has been able to bring prices down. Initially, most of its products—centered on large-lot cupboards and sideboards—were marketed through wholesalers, and this enabled Taisetsu to achieve high productivity. But distribution conditions underwent a radical shift as supermarkets began marketing its own brand of furnishings through licensing agreements with furniture makers. This forced many makers to expand the range of products and at the same to moderate the volume of production. The flood of less expensive imports from other Asian countries was a further challenge to Japanese makers, which Taisetsu Mokko met by developing its own brand call Nascere. After a series of experimental projects, in 2011 Taisetsu announced a new brand called Z+, of which CO•DA•MA is the first in the series of furnishings.

Taisetsu Mokko

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