“to_mo_ni” [together] represents the desire to collaborate with Asahikawa’s woodworkers.
to_mo_ni produces highly practical goods and provides opportunities for consumers to come into contact with fine wooden goods.


wrapqarw (wrap wrap)

“wrapqarw” is a cord management tool made of wood that was born of a search for ideas on ways to use scrap wood left over from furniture production. The name is derived from “wrap” and its (left-right) mirror image of “qarw.” There are three sizes to accommodate varying lengths and thicknesses of cords, which can be wound around the wrapqarw loop to more convenient lengths.

(Original edition) Oak, walnut
(Limited edition) Bubinga, tamo, odom, wenge, ebony, Japanese cypress, maple, cherry, premium black
Finish: Natural oil finish (but urethane coating for premium black)
wrapqarw 64 (S) 64 mm (W) × 20 mm (D) × 4 mm (H)
wrapqarw 96 (M) 96 mm (W) × 30 mm (D) × 6 mm (H)
wrapqarw 128 (L) 128 mm (W) × 40 mm (D) × 8 mm (H)


wrapqarw colors

Unlike the wrapqarw series, which highlights the natural color of wood, “wrapqarw colors” come in nine different tones, which are those of paints specially developed for custom-ordered furniture or shop furnishings. The colors vary, depending on the leftover paints available in the factory at the time.

Material: Oak
Colors: Blue, medium aquamarine, yellow, dark orange, fire brick, hot pink, plum, matte black, silver
Finish: Lacquer finish, matte coating
Size: 64 mm (W) × 20 mm (D) × 4 mm (H)

Product List

Naoto Yoshida


Born in 1978, Yoshida began “to-mo-ni” in 2007. to-mo-ni had developed “wrapqarw,” a wooden cord wrap, which reuses wood scraps, and “wrapqarw colors,” which reuses waste paint. In addition to being designer, Yoshida is a operating member of the Asahikawa woodworking community and is involved in disseminating wooden products from and publicizing woodworking artisans working in Asahikawa.

I want to create a connection between wooden products and
things people are familiar with to create interest in wood.




Airy form

Designer Naoto Yoshida works with several outstanding woodworking studios in the Asahikawa community to produce the distinctive, graceful form of the wrapqarw series cord magement tools. The challenging curves are created using a special blade that was developed for a woodcutting machine. The series is backed by Yoshida’s intimate knowledge of woodworking, nurtured through his being born and raised near many studios in Asahikawa.


The product was revised repeatedly.

Prototypes of “wrapqarw” were difficult to make because the form was too detailed to render in wood. Finally, I decided to use ebony, which is a heavy, hard, and expensive wood. The product was finalized with help from an Asahikawa wooden craft artist. After many prototypes, we arrived at a size that feels comfortable in the hand. We also hollowed out the center to make it lighter and to release heat emitted from cords wrapped around it.

The to-mo-ni brand was established by designer Naoto Yoshida in 2007 to communicate the outstanding qualities of Asahikawa’s woodcraft products and their wonderful creators throughout Japan and also internationally. The brand name (meaning “living together”) highlights Yoshida’s wish to work closely with Asahikawa woodworkers. He developed the wrapqarw series of cord management tools as a way to recycle the scrap wood from furniture production, and he later came up with the wrapqarw colors series to use the special-colored paints left over after being applied to custom-ordered furniture or store furnishings. Yoshida offers new opportunities to come into contact with wood by transforming materials that were bound to be discarded into highly practical everyday items. He is active not only as a designer but as a member of various craft association in Asahikawa, linking artists and creators to enable them to share ideas, experiences, and techniques and to support their activities.


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